Mauri Sherrington

Mauri Sherrington

Mauri Sherrington

Trainee Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist

Approach and background

I think of psychotherapy as a very ordinary kind of conversation between two people. What makes this conversation different to other conversations, however, is that it is in the service of one person in particular. It is a space and time in which we can think together about whatever troubles, motivates or perplexes you. How to make use of this space and time is not predetermined but discovered in the process. I suggest we don’t come to therapy in order to find out what we already know, but in order to discover what we don’t, becoming more familiar with what lies beyond the grasp of rational thinking. It has been my experience that this finding out of what we don’t already know can help us make better sense of ourselves and our lives, facilitating a natural process of change. 

I chose to train at The Philadelphia Association for its unique and long-standing culture of questioning contemporary treatment of and thinking around psychological distress. The PA places an emphasis on the specificity of each person’s experience in the world, with an acute sensitivity towards how our close relationships and the wider society we live in intimately influence that experience. We read both psychoanalytic texts and works of continental philosophy in order to best think through the complexities of human suffering. 

Training, qualifications, and experience

I am currently completing my studies in psychoanalytic psychotherapy at The Philadelphia Association (UKCP accredited), working in private practice and the voluntary sector. 

With a humanities background and an interest in the arts, I have worked more recently in end-of-life care and bereavement support. 

In 2006/7 I lived in Lothlorien Therapeutic Community which continues to inform my interest in alternative approaches to mental health care and perspectives on human suffering.

Between 2008 -2015 I was involved in a Buddhist practice community, taking part in many group, meditation retreats and education programmes. I continue to appreciate the value of sitting meditation practice.

Primary qualifications

  • Award in Awareness in Bereavement Care, Cruse Bereavement Care 2017 
  • Award in Awareness of End-of-Life Care & Dementia, St. Christopher’s Hospice 2017
  • Foundation in Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapy, The Minster Centre 2015
  • Art & Design Foundation, Brighton & Hove City College 2012
  • MA French & Modern European History, Edinburgh University 2006

Availability, fees, and contact details

I offer individual, open-ended therapy to adults on a once weekly or twice weekly basis.

I work in-person (Crystal Palace/Brixton), online and by phone.

Please contact me for current availability.

Initial sessions are free, £40 per session thereafter. Fees are negotiable for those unable to afford full fee.

You can contact me by email or on 07766622408.