Louise Daly

Louise Daly

Louise Daly

Integrative Counsellor

Approach and background

As an Integrative therapist, I draw on a wide range of perspectives including Person Centred and Psychodynamic theories which are the most influential in my approach to counselling. Drawing on these modalities, I will help you to explore and uncover your unconscious thoughts, feelings and behaviours which effect your life in the here and now. This process will help bring about your innate ability to harness your own internal wisdom and the answers therein in response to the challenges you face. 

I believe that people are, by nature, inherently “good”, but that difficult experiences can force us to develop certain behaviours, known as creative adaptations. These adaptations are designed to help us cope and survive psychologically in suboptimal environmental conditions. However, these adaptations often leave us feeling disconnected from the world and sometimes even ourselves. 

I use my expertise to focus on supporting you to find your way back to your authentic self. This will help you become more contented, a natural outcome of truly being yourself.  Supporting you in building resilience and developing the tools to help you face the often-intense feelings that life brings, will form a central part of our work together and your process of healing.

By offering a confidential, warm, and welcoming space for you to explore your difficulties and problems, I endeavour to make you feel respected, understood, and valued, so that together we can work towards the changes you want to make in your life. 

Difficulties and areas that I can support you with include but are not limited to: anxiety, worry, rumination, depression, relationship issues, challenges in forming new intimate relationships, establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries, understanding better the differences between appropriate and inappropriate behaviour and communication, loneliness, exposure to a traumatic experience or ongoing traumatic situation, obsessive thoughts or behaviours, perfectionism, procrastination, identity issues, abuse, study skills, life skills, choosing a direction in life, body image, loss, grief, death, difficulties relating to gender, sexuality or racism, a life crises, and dealing with general difficulties related to your thoughts, feelings and behaviours. 

Together we will look at the issue you are struggling with, come to understand it better, including why it has left you feeling and coping in particular ways. From here we will help you discover new, healthier responses, ways that promote psychological growth and healing.

As a relationally orientated therapist coming into therapy with me you can expect an active two-way conversation to unfold, while you will also be given plenty of space to express yourself fully and connect with increasing depth to your present moment experience. Carl Rogers, founder of person-centred therapy commented, “The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change”. And so, with that in mind I really do welcome you just as you are!

Training, qualifications, and experience

I started my journey to become an integrative therapist in 2014, training at West Hertfordshire College with the Counselling and Psychotherapy Central Awarding Body. I then studied Psychology with the Open University in 2017. This gave me the opportunity to study the science of human behaviour and learn how to understand and predict behavioural patterns.

I then continued my education by training in Integrative Therapeutic Counselling at the Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Academy. Through this I developed the skills and competencies to work as a therapeutic counsellor, supporting adults and young people, with low, moderate, and severe mental health issues. 

Alongside my training, in 2017, I worked for Mind in Camden’s Healthy Minds programme, supporting people who have struggled or are struggling with their mental health and wanting help reintegrating into the community. 

In 2018, I started working for Mental Health Innovations supporting adults and young people in crisis alongside joining the charity Give Us A Shout. Here I worked with people who felt they had nowhere else to turn, and so supported them in finding safe places both emotionally and physically. 

In 2019, I worked for the Improving Access to Psychological Therapies NHS service offering short-term counselling from a GP Practice in Brixton. I worked with people from all walks of life who were struggling with a wide range of issues, including suicidal ideation, self-harm, depression, grief, low self-esteem, identity issues, and anxiety. 

I now work as a private practitioner at The Brixton Practice offering short term and open-ended therapy both face to face and online. 

These roles have allowed me to support a diverse range of clients work through a wide range of issues. This has taught me the immeasurable value clients gain from being engaged in a professional therapeutic relationship. It has been my experience that it allows for new useful perspectives to form, different from those coming out of everyday reality. Everyone is different and everyone experiences differently, no two people are the same and each person is unique. Therefore, with my Integrative training I can honour these differences by drawing across a range of psychological therapies that allow me to tailor therapy to suit the uniqueness of everyone I work with.

I am a member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and follow their code of ethics.

Primary qualifications

  • 2021 Diploma in Integrative Counselling @ Counselling and Psychotherapy Training Academy 
  • 2020 Level 2 Certificate Autism Awareness @ MeLearning University
  • 2020 Level 2 Certificate Safeguarding Children @MeLearning University
  • 2020 Level 2 Certificate Safeguarding Adults @MeLearning University
  • 2020 Safeguarding Against Radicalisation – The Prevent Duty @ MeLearning University
  • 2018 Diploma Psychology @ Open University
  • 2016 Level 3 CPCAB Counselling Studies
  • 2015 Level 2 CPCAB Counselling Certificate
  • 2014 Level 2 CPCAB Counselling Skills

Availability, fees, and contact details

I offer all my slots in-person from The Brixton Practice, online or by phone

I offer weekly, twice weekly, fortnightly, and ad-hoc appointments.

I offer individual counselling for adults and young people (14+).

Please contact me for my current f2f availability and for online/telephone appointment enquiries.

Initial sessions are free and £70 per session thereafter.

I know starting therapy can sometimes be a daunting experience. Therefore, please do feel free to contact me at Louisedalypsychotherapist@gmail.com or on 07766676163, and we can work out a convenient time for us to have an online, initial session where we can explore what you would like to achieve from counselling and work out our next steps.