Questions & Concerns

What happens when I attend a first consultation?

In the initial therapy session, you will be invited to ask any questions you have. Some questions you might like to ask include, finding out about the therapist’s approach to therapy; their background, qualifications, and experience; fees, payment methods and other parts of the therapist-client agreement. You will be asked to talk about what has brought you to therapy, including sharing anything that you think is significant in your past, present or future, regarding your psychological well-being and what your goals for therapy are.

Towards the end of your consultation, together with your therapist, you will have a chance to reflect on how the time has been experienced. This will include discussing if it has felt like you and the therapist would be a good match for working together. Other therapist recommendations and other helpful interventions are often discussed.

Some clients like to decide straight away if they want to book in for further sessions. Others like to reflect on their experience before making any decisions.

How do I know who the right therapist is for me?

Having a look at therapist’s profiles will help. You will be able to find out initial information about the therapist’s approach and background; training, qualifications, and experience; availability and fees; and whether they work in-person, online or by phone.

Booking in for an initial consultation is first and foremost an opportunity for you to experience what it would be like to work with the therapist. You might find it helpful to have initial consultations with a few different therapists to see who you feel most at ease with. The important thing to consider when meeting a therapist for the first time is, ‘do I feel like I could build a trusting relationship with this person?’ To help answer this question ask yourself ‘do I feel comfortable and cared for by this person and do I feel good towards them.’

What fees are charged for therapy and what is the structure of sessions?

Individual therapy sessions are always 50 minutes long. Couples and group therapy vary in length but typically last from 1 hour to one and a half hours.

Session fees vary considerably, dependent on the therapist’s experience, qualifications and if concession rates are offered. Typically, fees for a qualified therapist range from £55 to £90.

Initial consultations with The Brixton Practice are free. Some individual therapists offer free initial consultations.

How long am I likely to need therapy for?

Like our physical health needs, our mental health needs are vastly broad in spectrum. This means the length of time therapy is required is wide ranging. For some, short-term, in some instances as little as 1 or 2 sessions, but more often 6 to 12 sessions are sufficient. For others, longer term support might be required, sometimes lasting several years.

During your initial consultation, information gathered about what has caused you to seek therapy will allow your therapist to give you an idea of what length of therapy you are likely to need. However, therapy is a fluid process and adjustments can always be made as you progress and your needs change.

What about privacy and confidentiality?

Everything discussed in therapy is confidential. The only times when this is not the case is if your therapist is concerned that you are at immediate risk of harm to yourself or to others. The only other time confidentiality could be breached is if information is requested by a court order.

Your therapist will always want to discuss with you first if they feel breaching confidentiality might be necessary, so that the right decision can be made collaboratively. The only incidence when this would not be the case is if it were felt it would significantly increase the risk that immediate harm could come to yourself or another.